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Giving Back

We believe in fostering great community, which is why it’s important for the LA Street Food Fest to give back to local organizations at each of our events.

St Vincent Meals on Wheels

Since 1977, St Vincent Meals on Wheels has delivered life-saving meals and warm greetings to homebound and hungry seniors and disabled or seriously ill adults across Los Angeles. From Skid Row to West Hollywood, the Hollywood Hills to South LA, they deliver to over 3000 clients a day, serving anyone in need regardless of age, race, illness, disability, religion or ability to pay.

As the largest privately funded Meals on Wheels program in the country, St Vincent depends on the generosity of angels— compassionate friends and neighbors whose donations make the work possible—and volunteers, who deliver the thousands of nutritious meals each day. The need for these services is greater than ever with meal programs closing down or cutting back due to lack of funding, more seniors and ill or disabled adults are turning to us for the food they need to survive. St Vincent believes no one should have to choose between food, shelter or medical care. And no one should be left malnourished and alone. We agree. Watch actress Helen Mirren talk about St. Vincent’s great work.

Woolly School Gardens

By encouraging and supporting a garden in every school, we create opportunities for our children to discover fresh food, make healthier food choices, and become better nourished. This past Earth Day, Woolly Pockets officially launched Woolly School Garden – an initiative to educate children about plants, nutrition and growing healthy food!

Woolly School Gardens can be built virtually anywhere and offer dynamic, beautiful settings in which to integrate every discipline, cultivating the talents and skills of all students while enriching the students’ capacities of observation and thinking.

* The LA Street Food Fest Summer Tasting Event will fully fund edible school gardens at
at least 3 LAUSD elementary schools including: Elysian Heights, Crescent Heights and Annandale.

Kids can experience a deeper understanding of natural systems and become better stewards of the Earth by designing, cultivating and harvesting school gardens with their own hands. School garden projects nurture community spirit, common purpose, and cultural appreciation. A Woolly School Garden is everything a school needs to create an outdoor garden classroom and begin teaching gardening and nutrition. Just $1,000 per school gets Woolly Pockets, do-it-yourself hardware and instructions, premium soil for edible gardening, organic seeds, planting chart, gardening manual and nutrition curriculum. Watch this great video about Woolly School Gardens now!

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